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Posted on: November 22, 2008

Although there are tons of charting / reporting plugins ranging from inline charts to flash charts, each one is unique in terms of technology, footprint or usage. I needed something compatible with jQuery and supported many as many chart types as possible. Here is the pick list:

1. jQuery Google Charting (

This plugin allows you to leverage the power and simplicity of Google Reporting. Easy to use with detailed examples, and wide support for chart types makes this an impressive must see.

2. Flot (

This plugin is very similar to its prototype counterpart Flotr. Again kudos for good examples and an excellent plugin.

3. Canvas Chart Plugin (

Another great plugin, but does have a few rough edges on the cross-browser compatibility due to the issue of canvas tag support in some browsers like IE. Luckily there’s a good plugin to solve this problem, which they have also mentioned on their website.


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