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Visual Studio is filled with nifty tricks, which if leveraged properly in the right situation can make the developers life easy. Consider if you had a looping statement, and wanted to debug it, but only for a particular value. Rather than hitting the breakpoint every time, you can shorten the hits by using a Conditional Breakpoint.

To set a Conditional Breakpoint, right-click the Breakpoint circle and select the Condition option.

Conditional BreakpointYou can then define the condition and additionally select an option to filter the condition for evaluating the condition, or for raising the breakpoint when the value of the expression changes.


The average programmer uses the general Debug mode by using the “Start Debugging” option from the Debug menu, or the F5 shortcut key. But what if you want to debug an application that is already running? If you faced this problem, then this tip should lighten up your day.

Choose Debug | Attach to Process….

Select the aspnet_wp.exe from the list of Available Processes and click on Attach

Attach To Process...

Attach To Process...

Alternatively you can also use ALT + D , P to select the option.

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