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I recently came across a very nice jQuery control library called jQuery Tools. The library features the following JavaScript tools :

  1. Tabs
  2. Tooltips
  3. Expose
  4. Overlay
  5. Scrollable
  6. FlashEmbed

So now you are thinking “Whats so great about this? We already have tons of jQuery plugins for this…”. I thought so too.

The striking advantage of this library is that these tools can be combined, extended and styled, giving you potentially unlimited options for creating customized widgets for your web pages. The website also features great and detailed examples to help you get started, and features some of the best practices recommended by Yahoo engineers. [ref : Best Practices for speeding up your website]


During your development, you may notice that your code file contains using directives which are not required by your code. The Visual Studio IDE provides the Organize Usings option to remove/sort these using directives. To access this option, right-click anywhere within your code editor and select one of the sub-menu options for Organize Usings option.

  1. Remove Unused Usings : This option will remove any using directive not required by your code. Note : Please build your application before executing this option to ensure that any required directives are not removed.
  2. Sort Usings : This option will organize your Using directives alphabetically giving precedence to the System name-space.
  3. Remove and Sort : Use this option to execute the above operations together.

Organize Usings

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