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Being a web developer, its important we realize the threat and severity of SQL Injection. Unfortunately detecting such vulnerabilities is time-consuming and eventually we might not even be able to identify all the loop holes.

HP Security Labs provides a free tool called Scrawlr that scan your site and patches up the exploits. This great tool has proved to be quite helpful and comes highly recommended.


As a web designer, we use resources like CSS and javascript. These files should be optimized using compression for reducing the file size and hence the load time.

To decrease the file size web designers can follow 3 guidelines:

  1. Remove whitespace like tabs, spaces, blank lines, etc.
  2. Remove unused CSS classes and ID’s.
  3. Use shorthand wherever applicable. For example use #FFF instead of #FFFFFF or 0 for 0px.

There are various online tools available for CSS Compression. One of them is Clean CSS. This nifty tool, allows you to enter the css code or point it to an online css file and provides many other options along with feature to select the level of compression.

You can try it out on :


I was designing a template for a web application and i wanted to try out something new. The user interface revolves around a compatible set of layout, colors, images and fonts. So i was Googling for a tool to help me compare Fonts and thier web compatibility. I came across a great tool called Typetester. Typetester allows you to customize and compare upto 3 fonts side by side in all variants including bold, italic, uppercase, etc simultaneously.

If you want to try it out yourself, visit


Although we cant all be photo image editing experts, tools like this can definitely help you come very close. Picknik provides a clean and easy user interface that will get you started on tweaking your favorite images in no time. With an abundant set of Fonts, special effects and other advanced settings, this tool is a must use. The service is offered in both free and premium flavors. It also provides a decent API for developers to integrate certain features in their own applications also with some good tutorials.

Picnik Online Image Editing

You can also check out a Firefox plugin on


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